Friday, August 22, 2008

Bad Precedent

I should probably not be writing this blog entry. It would really be in the my own best interest to not set the standard of a daily entry that I seriously doubt I can keep up with. But here I am at 7am ready to gush on about my little life.

First, I just have to get it out there that I am already annoyed with how much time in my day and space in my mind is taken up with thinking about whether or not the name of my blog is right. It doesn't help that my sister's new blog has a perfect name- complete with subtle Laura Ingalls imagery. And her pictures are better. I think the only superlative I get is "more anonymous."

But enough of my self-consciousness and back to the blog! Perhaps extra-motivated by the desire to live up to the blog name, our dinner last night was made up of green beans, new potatoes, tomatoes and corn on the cob all from our garden!

OK, so I threw in some chicken from the freezer, not remotely home-grown. We do have chickens on our "farm," but only four and they have names so, barring the advent of full-scale apocalypse, they will not be offered up as food on this farm kitchen table. Nonetheless, it felt good to put a homegrown meal on the table just 3 months after moving to our little piece of heaven. I am getting a fall/winter garden planted this week and have even bigger dreams for next spring!

Foodily yours,

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  1. It's not really better, and anyway, it only looks good because blogspot told me which colors would match...

    I, too, have already been up and at my blog.

  2. p.s. those veggies look yummy. wish we could grow a nice garden.

  3. Congratulations on the blog. Don't sweat the content... it will come to you over time.

    Get a tracker installed from SiteMeter or somethign similar. It'll tell you what people are searching when they find your blog, and show you what your readers find most interesting.

    I'm intersted to watch and see how it turns pressure. lol.

    TJ (from highschool)

    Check mine out sometime at

  4. Sara- I'm just glad we're in this crazy blog thing together!

  5. TJ- Thanks for the encouragement! I took your advice and found SiteMeter- can't figure out where it shows what people are searching for when they find my blog??

    Thanks for the link to your blog!