Friday, August 29, 2008

Blog Etiquette?

So, I have a question for you more experienced bloggers out there.

I love having the list of other blogs I read as a sidebar. For one thing, it is a convenient place for me to see which ones have been updated recently and they are each just a click away.

But as I continue to add blogs I discover and enjoy reading, I started wondering, do people generally let people know when they post a link to their blog? Some of the blogs in my list belong to people I actually know in real life. Others I have posted comments on before, but most of them I simply go and read and stay anonymous.

So, for those of you who blog (or those who read a lot of blogs and have a sense of this), is it OK for me to just link to blogs of other people who have no idea I (or my blog that links to them) exist? Or should I send off a quick email or comment to let them know I have added them to my "blogroll?"

Just wondering,

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  1. i just link people. but i'm not an authority on blog etiquette, since i've never questioned linking before you mentioned it. hmmm . . . but blogging is a public thing, so i would assume it's okay?