Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Murphy's Law

I wasn't prepared for the magnitude with which Murphy's Law manifested itself this week.Things had been getting pretty dry around here, but I didn't water the garden. We had planted our garden under the influence of Steve Solomon's Growing Food in Hard Times, which calls for greater spacing to improve plants' ability to withstand dry conditions, and things were looking pretty good. But it didn't rain and didn't rain and, well, didn't rain. Everything was beginning to look a little parched. Then on the day I was ready to give in and go find the sprinkler, it was cloudy- just one more day, I thought. But the sun blazed forth again with no rain and so the next morning I put the sprinkler on. And forgot about it. Oh, well, I thought, they got a good, deep soaking, and I moved the sprinkler to the other side of the garden. And forgot about it. And it was still going when I got home. In the midst of a downpour. And it hasn't stopped raining since. I should've turned the sprinkler on sooner, huh Murphy?

After a couple days of rain, everyone needed to get out of the house. So, we suited up in rain gear and walked the long walk down the hill to the mailbox. We came back thoroughly drenched and thoroughly happy with fresh-picked apples in hand (I hope the neighbor doesn't mind) and headed straight for the tea kettle. Later, we sat around playing card games and board games and eating hot beef stew. All in all, a pretty perfect rainy day.


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  1. Hot beef stew around the old round oak table on a rainy day; now that brings back some good memories. When you enjoy a hot stew when old mister northwind is blowing and snow is piled up outside, be sure to get a picture of you all around the table and post it up!!!
    So good to see "the hill" coming back to life. That old red mountain clay still grows some pretty corn, beans and taters.