Thursday, August 28, 2008

Want to guess what we've been reading?


The combination of moving to "the country" and reading the Little House series has influenced the kids' imaginary play of late! Other favorite pastimes include tree climbing, dog training, and garden weeding (OK, that's not really one of their favorites...).

I am thoroughly enjoying watching them experience life in a very different setting than the 1/10-acre city lot we left! Of course, we miss some aspects of city life and it is never easy to start over in a new place and have to set out to make new friends; but all three kids are thriving and I think I am, too!
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  1. Keely!

    What a great blog. Don't worry about it being perfect or not. There is no such thing as perfect, except in newborn babies.

    I love the pictures, seeing where you all are living and knowing that you are managing to live your dream, when many of us just day dream about our hopes and aspirations.

    Please tell Emma hi from Lakshmi and Priya. They'd like to write her a letter, and since I got your address just a few days ago, it will be something we do shortly.

    We're waiting until September (next week) to get started on "homeschooling". Their dad has to know when we are getting started, so that's when! LOL Our city container gardening did do as well as we hoped, but the kids and I all agree that it was beautiful, and we had alot of fun doing it. After all these years with the kids eating fruit and wanting to plant the seeds, they got their wish this summer!

    Our sunflowers were very pretty, and the tomatoes and squash had lots of flowers, but not so much tomatoes and squash!

    It's so good to see you all are thriving!

  2. Thanks, Amelia! Emma would love to hear from and correspond with your girls.

    And I didn't know you had a blog- I'll go check it out!

  3. awwwwww . . . SO glad you're kids are experiencing "little house" and country life. :D