Monday, September 8, 2008

First Barber Shop Haircuts

While at the beach (we're home now!), I decided to take the boys for their first haircut at a barber shop. That is, their first hair cut not done by me! My 3-year-old has been asking for "spiky hair" like his big brother for awhile now, so we headed to downtown Manteo to Reynolds' Barber Shop to visit and get haircuts from a friend of mine from high school and his dad.

After watching their grandaddy go first, my six-year-old climbed right up and little brother clung to my neck- opposite reactions from their usual personalities! So 3yo got his hair cut while sitting in my lap. I think the only reason he did even that was because of how important getting "spiky hair" was to him. When we got back to the house, he talked Grandaddy into spiking his hair up, too!

So, 6yo has updated spiky hair (and a huge grin every time he looks in the mirror) and 3yo's precious curls are gone (sniff, sniff) and big boy, spiky hair is in their place.




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