Monday, October 6, 2008

Nannie's Shelf

I found this old shelf in one of the outbuildings and saw through the dirt, bugs, rotted wood and mice nests to it's beautiful bones. It is very similar to a larger one we salvaged from our church's basement in Memphis; with that one, we had to see through peeling turquoise paint and evidence of a cockroach colony to its innner beauty...


I had spotted it back in April when we first visited with intentions to soon move. The restoration project hadn't made it to the top of the priority lisr, but a few days ago I hauled it out into the sun and let it dry out. It was situated under a hole in the roof of the outbuilding and I think the top board will have to be replaced, but it is in remarkable condition.

My dad seems to remember that it belonged to my great-grandmother, "Nannie," and that it had to be stored in the building when she moved in with my grandparents and there wasn't room for it in the house. He recalls her being none too happy about its location!

In her own home, it had been used for dishes and such- there were little cup hooks above the top shelf. In the outbuilding, along with serving as a mouse high-rise, we found it stored an assortment of paint thinners, holey work gloves, rusted metal odds and ends, and a bag of sevin dust. In our home, it will find new purpose as a bookcase. I will post more photos as we make progress on it this week!

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