Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Taste Sensation

Along with our attempts at growing our own food, we have also become more aware of finding food. Our personal list of locally available, edible wild plants already included the following: sassafras, teaberry, wineberry, blackberry, walnut, chestnut, chicory, and dandelion. With the exception of chicory, we have tried them all in one form or another.

Now that we have had our first frost (Saturday night saw 30 degrees, Sunday night 27), the time is right for trying a new one (for us!), persimmons! I have heard that you really don't want to experience the flavor of a "pre-frost" persimmon, so although we have seen the fruits for a few weeks now, we waited until this week for our first sampling. Verdict? Quite tasty! It recalls mango for me, my 8yo says it reminds her of apricot.

Any other persimmon-eaters out there have a description for the uninitiated?


  1. Persimmon has a fruity, musky sort of flavor. Both mango-y and blueberry-y. Looks like a tomato, but it definitely isn't.

    I like them, but I always forget about them. I should pick one up and see if any of the kiddos will try it.