Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snow Scenes

Well, we got more snow through the course of the morning. We did our darnedest to sled in it and even half-heartedly attempted a snowman. I am hoping the predictions of a snowy winter are true. Remind me of this when I get snowed in for two weeks with three kids...

For now, though, we are thoroughly enjoying our little bit of snow, and I am, as always, awed by its beauty. These snapshots don't so it justice, but at least you can get a little glimpse.




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  1. I'm very jealous!!
    As far as getting snowed in, your best bet is to park at the bottom of the hill while you still can get down there! Don't do like I did and go sledding down the hill in a station wagon (or, in you case, a minivan) and almost slide into the neighbor's cowpen! (after you almost nosedive off the side of the hill!!) After days of being snowed in, it kinda loses its charm!
    I remember well the first snowy day I had up there, running around with the dogs-- Murdock is jealous, too!

  2. What fun! You guys will likely get more than we will. :)