Thursday, January 15, 2009

Imperfect Cold Frame

I am trying to keep my perfectionist tendencies in check these days. You know, those ones that keep me from doing anything I can't do "just right". (I'm pretty sure that period is supposed to go inside the quotes, but it has always seemed to me that it should be on the outside. Plus, remember those tendencies I'm fighting?) Wait, am I supposed to put any punctuation after a sentence completely encapsulated by parentheses? Bogging. Down. Must. Continue. And you wonder why I didn't blog at all for almost a month...

Anyway, I have a new friend! And I knew I had found a good one when I tasted her homemade bread, drank tea with her, and wished my house was decorated just like hers. And did I mention our kids- her three homeschooled children (girl, boy, boy) and my three homeschooled children (girl, boy, boy)- get along wonderfully? Oh- but what really topped it off was when I mentioned to her that my dear Mr. M heartlessly threw out my beautiful, salvaged, intended-to-become-a-cold-frame windows instead of putting them on the moving truck, and she cried out, Oh! I just saw some old windows today in the dumpster at the recycling center and I was going to pull them out but couldn't think exactly what to use them for! I'll go back in and get some out on my way home today if you want. (I'm not using quotation marks, because it has been over a month and I don't remember exactly what she said.) It was friendship at first dumpster dive.

So, the whole point of that lead-in is that I used the reclaimed windows that my new friend so excitedly salvaged for me, and after a month of not having time, energy, or exact know-how to build the perfect cold frame, I decided that something was better than nothing and built an imperfect cold frame. It isn't angled toward the south. Heck, it isn't even angled. It isn't airtight, and it isn't level. But it is sheltering my mixed greens rather nicely. Here it is, in all its imperfect glory:


Thanks, Colleen!
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  1. i am so glad to have found a fellow period goes inside the quotation marks, but i just don't like how it looks there soul.

    yay for a new friend!

    and a cozy cold frame!

  2. Yay for the imperfect cold frame! It's a start, right? My slogan for mst everything anymore is Progress, not Perfection. . . That's easier to say than do though. :)

  3. I love the cold frame and the story of the windows makes it the best cold frame ever, (I love how long it is too)! I am sooo happy for you about your friend!!!!!!!!! I do miss your awesomeness here in Memphis, and the ability to talk about scavenging junk with another women who has children, here in memphis, is seriously lacking in my life! Enjoy the sisterhood!