Monday, February 23, 2009

27 Babies

We have added 27 new little creatures to our growing farm family! Our chicks arrived a day earlier than we expected, and involved a drive to pick them up at a post office that has people working there on Sundays, but now we're settling into a nice little routine of thermometer checking and water refilling- not to mention lots of cuddling adorable little fluffballs!

Here they are getting warmed up in their new home (they are under a red heat lamp, and that is the thermometer they're huddled around):

We ordered the "Brown Egg Layer Special" from Murray McMurray Hatchery, so we're not exactly sure what we have yet... They also threw in a free exotic/rare breed as a bonus; it's the only one we can tell apart from any others. It's head has a totally different shape and it is a bit smaller. Based on the pictures in the catalog, our best guess is that it is a Crevecoeur, a very rare, crested breed that originated in France. There are some cute chipmunk-striped ones that we hope might be Speckled Sussex, but we'll see as we go. We do know we have at least 5 or 6 differetn breeds out of the 27 chicks. We'll keep you posted! Still fine tuning our brooder setup, so off to check the thermometer again...
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  1. I know they're a little older now, but if they're still huddling under the lamp, they are too cold. Lower the lamp so they'll get more heat. Ideally, they should be spread out around the "brooder," whatever that happens to be! Likewise, if they are congregating on the edges, it's too warm, and you should raise the light. They provide their own thermometers!

  2. Yeah- that was when we first took them out of the shipping box and had just turned the lamp on them, hadn't warmed up yet. Also, it was a temporary setup in a Rubbermaid container until we got the brooder ready. They came a day earlier than we expected! Since then, I have been keeping one eye on the thermometer we have in with them, but mostly watching their movement. They are really feathering out now- growing so fast. I need to post some more recent pics. Did you see the ones on Facebook?