Saturday, March 14, 2009

Meet Wally

Our new people-loving, fence-escaping, heart-stealing, 9-month-old wethered Alpine goat.


The kids, that is, the children, are having a great time with him.


This little guy has been making life particularly interesting this week. We brought him home on Wednesday and have spent the past two days trying to keep him in the electric fence. One of his redeeming qualities is that he loves being around people, so when he does get out, he comes right up to the house- usually onto the front porch!

Except, of course, for the time we weren't home and he went to someone else's front porch- down the hill and across the road. When we got home we searched and searched, lamented not having a bell on him yet, and then decided to check out the happy screams and shouts of children down the hill who sounded like they just might have found a friendly goat...

We're still working out the fence issues and also hoping that he isn't quite as eager to get out once he has a companion in there with him. Ellie the Cow should be arriving in the next week, we're just waiting on good weather and some free time in the schedule of the woman who is transporting her for us.


  1. I love goats! One of the most pleasant things to do is to sit with a bunch of goats on a sunny spring day.

  2. violet is a BIG fan of this goat, chloe says he looks like a llama! violet is calling him "lolly"