Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick Update

Am really wanting to get back into the blogging habit, but I think I have the bar set too high for myself once again. I hope to log more entries by reminding myself that each entry need not be a masterpiece.

Anyway, just back today from visiting my sister, her husband and their baby (well, technically I guess he's a toddler, but I'll not push the nomenclature; they grow up too fast already) and celebrating the little guy's birthday. A fun time- party at the park, beautiful weather, and yummy food. And he was *really* into his cupcakes!

It has been a crazy busy month. Two major events stand out:

We started keeping the dogs penned up due to complaints from neighbors. This involved lots of shuffling of various animals to get everyone the overnight warmth and daytime space they need. A poor choice on my part in the shuffling leaves us with a wounded goat- bitten by our very own dogs. Not fun. He's still recovering. It's not pretty. I would post photos of the wound, but I don't think I have enough blog readers that I can afford to scare any off...

On a lighter, and more positive note, my family came up for a tree planting extravaganza. The final tally of things planted: 11 fruit trees, 3 nut tees, 6 blueberry bushes and 104 strawberry plants. One night we had 28 people here for dinner. If you have seen my house, you understand the significance of this. Thankfully, my aunt "catered" the meal by cooking it all up at her house and bringing it over. The weather was perfect and we all ate outside. It was awesome. The food and the weekend.

Now we are in gardening mode. Have lots of seedlings started and are about ready to put them in the garden. The frost date here is the middle of May, so we need to wait a couple more weeks or figure out some sort of covering if we get another cold snap. I also direct-seeded some frost-tolerant crops that are inching their way up. Still have some more things to put in that I thought I would have in a month ago, but I am trying to focus on all I *have* gotten done instead of what I *haven't*. I need to learn that lesson well or else the farm life and it's neverending list of tasks will likely drive me crazy!

Kids are doing well. Ev is playing t-ball and loves it. Eli watches each practice and game with his own glove on his hand and is counting down the days until he is old enough to be on a team. Em spent a few days with my sister in between the tree-planting and birthday weekends, she was a big help to her "Tia," but sorely missed around here (even though her brothers will never admit it!) and I am so glad to have everyone nestled safely in at home- feeling like a happy mother hen.

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