Monday, May 11, 2009

The Rainy Season

I cannot believe how much it has been raining. We have had a couple weekends with all day sunshine and warmth, but it has rained almost every day for about a month now. Granted, some days it was just a sprinkle or a short-lived shower, but we have also had many with all-day rain.

I do my best to appreciate the water and utter no words of ingratitude- I know how good it is for the garden and trees, and remember the recent problems with drought. But this rain is really starting to wear on me!

There have been highlights- often when the sun is shining...

Saturday was Evan's bithday- his age and name now rhyme. We had rain in the morning but it cleared and we enjoyed heading into town and celebrating "National Tain Day" at a little local festival. The rain even held out for the birthday celebrations at home, but the wind kicked up late in the afternoon and we got some more sprinkles that night.

Sunday was our one-in-a-million day- no rain, clear sky. A lovely Mother's Day gift. We took advantage and spent most of it outside; we picnicked for both lunch and dinner! I got the front flower bed all weeded and a few more things put in the ground. I was thinking, "That wasn't so bad, why didn't I already do this?" I found renewed optimism and motivation for getting lots more gardening chores done this week.

And then I woke up to this morning. More rain. Pouring rain. And then I remembered why I haven't been getting all that weeding and planting done. That's still just an excuse, though. Must be time to remember one of my favorite sayings, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." If only I still had those rain pants that I lost in Honduras 10 years ago. But that's another story.


  1. i know the rain ugghh! even if you had the perfect pants it's still impossible to plant in muddy muck! weeding on the other hand...i'm behind enthusiasm for weeding is low b/c i don't have the more fun planting to balance it out...that's my excuse!! :)

  2. glad Evan had a good birthday and you had a good mother's day!