Friday, May 15, 2009


All is well here. We are trying to get back to normal and catch up on the little things that got away from us the first few days this week.

The visit to the doctor was very helpful- he listened and asked questions, considered all the information from the hospital, and then he told me why he was not overly concerned and, most importantly, why. So for now, we think that this was a one-time event but we will stay alert to any indications that something else is going on.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming: off to weed the potatoes and the strawberry patch. After that, time to plant the tomato transplants. Oh, tomatoes, how I love thee. You did remember that I am obsessed with tomatoes, right?


  1. Keely,
    That's such a relief! Enjoy the weekend and your gardening, and give hugs to the kids.

  2. sorry if this is being nosy, but i'd love to know what the doc's opinion about the episode # is 901 827 5945 if that's easier...glad all is well! :)