Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You mean you didn't read those?

Really? You didn't get to read all those brilliant blog entries I crafted? Those ones that were really witty, informative and charming? What?! Oh, yeah- they never made it out of my head...

One was written while mowing the grass. Another while weeding the tomatoes. Then there was that really nice poem while hilling up the potatoes. And I am particularly inspired while in the shower- the sound of the water blocks out all the chaos happening just outside the bathroom door.

But none of those are places or situations in which I can jot things down on paper, much less get something typed into cyberspace.

You'll just have to trust me that one of these days when I snag some free time, some more gems might just surface from this little brain of mine. Maybe.

Sorry you missed those other ones...


  1. I know. My most recent blog entries have been composed late at night, lying in bed, with sleeping baby and husband on either side.
    I've been posting recipes, updates, pictures, everything. Too bad no one can check them out...

  2. Same here, my best blogs are composed while mowing, weeding, and picking. Try to remember enough to get them mostly written on the fly between tasks.