Friday, December 11, 2009

Maybe It's Time to Finish that Halloween Post...

Ah, my patient readers. Thank you for returning in mid-December to finally see my pictures from Halloween...

Remember the guessing challenge? Had enough time to figure it out? Here's the big reveal, all suspense gone now that it has been over a month and most of you have seen the photos on Facebook anyway :)

Good guessing on Evan and Emma-


Ok, so this facial expression doesn't quite convey the character, but it was a little frightening to see some of the images in the movie and how much Evan actually does resemble Draco Malfoy- remember we're talking the first one, back when the actors were wee little children!


And Emma has perfected the bushy-haired Hermione. You should see her 'do right after she brushes it upside down...


Eli's costume was my favorite to create. Came up with the idea the night before, slept on it and then set out to find odds and ends around the house to pull it all together! Meet Dobby the House Elf.


I knew that old, ripped pillowcases would eventually serve a purpose! And, yes, we know Dobby wasn't in the first movie, and yes, we know he didn't start wearing lots of socks and hats until he was a free house elf...


Here's what the wire became! Not exactly magnifying my eyes, but not half-bad for making do with what you have :)


And the full ensemble, put together by my fashion consultant, Emma.


And here we are all together. My cousin, Lyle, joined our ranks as Dumbledore. We talked Curt into dressing up at the last minute! The original idea was for him to just be a fan at the Quidditch World Cup, some random wizard dressed as a muggle. But the rest of us had character names, so we dubbed him Mr. Weasley.


And here's where we went! Had a great time. Some stayed in costume longer than others through the showing, and all but one of us stayed awake through the whole movie. You might guess Eli to be the one to fall asleep, but you'd be wrong. Yes, I sometimes think my husband suffers from narcolepsy.

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