Monday, March 8, 2010

Piling Up

Lots has been going on around here and I have have all sorts of photos to show and stories to tell, I just haven't been willing to give up sleep to pull it all together in a coherent form.

Soon to come- seed starting, trash & treasures, crazy chickens and lots of outdoor fun... yay for the coming of spring!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sorry, Houseplants

Please note that the title is not "Sorry Houseplants" but "Sorry, Houseplants"-- I don't need them to get any more of a complex. You see, they're getting booted from the lovely, sunny front window. It's time for seed starting, folks. So here, a quick visual ode to the houseplants, before they get moved to random corners of the house to make room for their food-producing cousins.


I think I'll make room for the oxalis to stay. Its pot is small and it is a family heirloom of sorts, handed down through many hands before a sample was mine. And it does have that shamrock-y shape that demands it stays at least through March.


But there is this dilemma- a brave little volunteer melon of some sort has sprouted in one of the peace lilies, no doubt a result of my children's seed spitting contests last summer when this pot was next to the front stoop.


I'll see what I can do for the little fella. Frankly, I think his chances are pretty slim, but because I tend to pull for underdogs, and he really has battled the odds, maybe I could transplant him to a pot that can fit in the windowsill. It seems at least a little effort on my part is in order so he can get a spot in the sunlight...


Happy March, Y'all!