Monday, March 1, 2010

Sorry, Houseplants

Please note that the title is not "Sorry Houseplants" but "Sorry, Houseplants"-- I don't need them to get any more of a complex. You see, they're getting booted from the lovely, sunny front window. It's time for seed starting, folks. So here, a quick visual ode to the houseplants, before they get moved to random corners of the house to make room for their food-producing cousins.


I think I'll make room for the oxalis to stay. Its pot is small and it is a family heirloom of sorts, handed down through many hands before a sample was mine. And it does have that shamrock-y shape that demands it stays at least through March.


But there is this dilemma- a brave little volunteer melon of some sort has sprouted in one of the peace lilies, no doubt a result of my children's seed spitting contests last summer when this pot was next to the front stoop.


I'll see what I can do for the little fella. Frankly, I think his chances are pretty slim, but because I tend to pull for underdogs, and he really has battled the odds, maybe I could transplant him to a pot that can fit in the windowsill. It seems at least a little effort on my part is in order so he can get a spot in the sunlight...


Happy March, Y'all!

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