Saturday, November 27, 2010

Farm Decisions

Well, we finally made some decisions about how to balance the arrival of a new baby in May and what we have going on with the farm. After much deliberation, we are selling our Jersey heifer.

I knew early on that we didn't need to have a lactating bovine along with a lactating me. It took a little longer to decide to not keep our unbred heifer at all.

We have had some responses to an ad we posted to sell her, so I am hoping to have everything taken care of before winter sets in. As much fun as it was hauling 5 gallon buckets of water from inside the house out to the barn in two feet of snow and freezing temperatures last year, I thought it might not be *quite* as much fun while 6 months pregnant. But who knows, maybe I'm wrong...

Regardless, it was still a difficult decision and we'll all feel some sadness when Ellie finds a new home. We all know it is for the best, though. Just having her for the past 19 months has taught us so much about cows, farm life and ourselves. And honestly, one of the best lessons was learning that I think I may be more suited to having goats!

Next challenge will be to restrain myself on my garden seed order...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our New Neighbors

We're all excited about the new abode on the farm!


It started out looking like this:


But with a lot of this:


It turned into this:

There's more finishing work to be done, but Ben (my brother) and Stacey moved in yesterday. And so the adventure begins- Ben & Stacey embark on their tent-living adventure and we all embark on our pseudo-communal-living adventure. Fun and challenges to come for all. I'll post more detailed pictures of the building process soon. They should be adding a working door today!