Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Notes on the Cold

Today marked yet another day in which we didn't get any of the snow that was predicted. Wah!

We have certainly had our share of cold, though.

I'm sure I was in colder temps when I was a wee tot living in North Dakota, but I can't specifically remember any temperature colder than the 7 below zero we had here a couple weeks ago. I do have a vague memory of a -13 reading, but I can't place if it was something in my own experience or... a book? a movie? a math problem?

Anyway, we had a real, live, specifically memorable cold streak here and our little wood stove was working hard. She was doing great, but with that kind of cold, we decided to shut off the doors to the bedrooms, concentrate the heat in the middle of the house and all camp out in the living room. Somehow the first night Mr M and I ended up sleeping head to foot on the couch while the kids got the double mattress on the floor. The additional problem was that 3yo Mr Handful ended up next to me so there were three of us sleeping on the couch. Funny how I still forget I'm too old to sleep in such a set up and still move comfortably the next day. Night two we had wisened up and put the half-our-size Miss Headstrong and Mr Thoughtful on the couch.

So we woke up to -7 degrees and I just had to know how cold the closed-off bedrooms had gotten... the kids room was a chilly 30 degrees and this gorgeous, unbelievable piece of art is what was rendered on our bedroom window:

Those botanic-looking fronds are ice formations! You can see another close-up image over at my photo blog. How exactly does this happen? Science lesson for me anyone? Or maybe I'll just continue thinking of it as a bit of magic...

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