Monday, October 20, 2008


My three-year-old has the broadest tastes of my three children, and he eats most things with gusto (albeit slow gusto). Even given that trait, however, I was surprised at the quantities he put down at dinner last night. The fish (baked flounder, if you must know)was a particular favorite and he ate six servings plus nibbles of anyone else's he could get. After about the fourth helping, we decided to find out if there was more to this than just a big appetite and penchant for fish...

The Dad: Wow, you sure are eating a lot of fish tonight.

3yo: Yep, I am.

The Dad: You must like fish a lot.

3yo: Yes. And I need to grow big.

The Dad: Oh, yeah?

3yo: So I can have something.

The Dad: And what's that?

3yo: I need to grow big so I can be tall enough to reach the treats on that shelf!

You can't say he doesn't have ambition. Everyone needs a goal, right?


  1. Hi Keely! I love reading the blog and the above story is hilarious. Camden is almost two now and I am sure we have many funny stories to look forward to. Hope all is well and love the posts. Oh, I checked out Crunchy Chicken and it is awesome- thanks for the link!
    Mary Gorman

  2. Hey ! I really like your blog. It's funny and personal. If you want to, check out mine at , and read my "One Family" story, make a comment and/or an entry in my guestbook! I'd really appreciate it.

  3. That's TOO funny! I can just see him doing that. Stinker, lol.

    I'm so glad I found you!