Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Growing Garden

I snuck away from gardening and mommy tasks to update the blog header with a more seasonal photo. We are keeping busy with all the gardening and lots of friends and family visiting, but I still can't believe I haven't posted in almost a month!

I had a pretty good handle on gardening basics to start with, but boy have we learned a lot this year! This is our first full season of gardening here since last year we didn't even arrive until the end of May. Now that we have our methods and systems somewhat figured out, I hope to be a little more on target with our planting times next year. Got the corn and beans in really late, other things somewhat late.

We've been eating lots of fresh lettuce, chard, and spinach. Haven't kept up with the bounty of radishes, and are just beginning to enjoy our sugar snaps. Have savored a few new potatoes, nibbled at some tiny carrots and are anxiously awaiting the broccoli harvest. As 4yo Eli (who asked for lentils for his special birthday dinner) said last night, "Broccoli is like candy to me!"

Note: No, my other two children do not share this same perspective on food choices.


  1. I totally agree with Eli! Broccoli is like candy.

  2. We love the garden shots, it looks great. On top of the house?

  3. oh wow! i love your new banner!