Monday, August 25, 2008

Bear-ly Breakfast

Our chickens haven't been producing many eggs lately. We have four hens, so could conceiveably get four eggs a day. We've been lucky to get one or two a day. We're still determining the cause (seasonal? space? feed? heat? age?), but while we do, breakfasts around here are severely out of whack. We would typically have eggs in some form at least three or four mornings a week.

With starting back to homeschooling this month, a breakfast that is quick and doesn't require a lot of forethought is nice. Oatmeal is a standby around here (one child out of three doesn't like it, however) and on a really industrious morning I might make muffins or pancakes or waffles. But really industrious mornings (at least in the kitchen) have been few and far between and even muffins and pancakes and waffles need an egg or two in the batter. We need a go-to breakfast again- something everyone will eat and doesn't take much preparation. We do occasionally go for cold cereals, but I prefer not to in the interest of both cost and nutrition.

As a child, one of my favorites was Cream of Wheat, and it's whole-grain cousin that we found under the brand name "Bear Mush." I loved the picture on the package of three bears sitting around their wooden kitchen table with wooden bowls and spoons eating their porridge of varying temperatures. Flash forward to my kitchen: I am working my way through a 50-pound bag of whole wheat and couldn't justify buying another wheat product- especially since I didn't want the refined Cream of Wheat and couldn't find "Bear Mush" at my local Kroger. So I have been experimenting with my grain grinder and trying to replicate the coarseness I remember. My first batch on Saturday was a big hit. I patted myself on the back for finding a hot cereal everyone in the family would eat and thought my breakfast dilemma was solved. But when I made it again this morning, well, let's just say Goldilocks wasn't very happy... Yes, the same Goldilocks that doesn't like oatmeal.

Wishing for egg-laying abundance,


  1. I love Bear Mush!!
    I used to like it sort of lumpy and everytime I got a lump, it was a buried treasure...

  2. Hey! I have the same memory :o

    And a similar one related to finding hidden raisins in raisin bran...