Thursday, August 21, 2008

Growing a Blog

The self-imposed pressure of writing the perfect first blog entry is too great for a soul like me to ever hope to start a blog. Solution? Suck it up, intentionally write something imperfect, and get on with it.

Another challenge? The naming of said blog. I know I am silly, but the major obstacle to starting a blog for me has been the naming of it. How to decide? Seriously, I have been thinking of starting a blog for 3+ years, but couldn't get past naming it. Well, except for those three times I started a blog, name and all, but within a couple days (and before I could write the perfect first entry) decided the name wasn't quite right. You laugh, but I'm serious. I often try to hide my perfectionism (I do particularly well at this in the housekeeping department), but here I could not. I have word, language, grammar and naming hang-ups. Imagine the process of naming my three children. Thankfully, I have a husband who vetoed 99.9% of the baby names I suggested, so the field of choice was very narrow. But, I digress. Anyway, as someone who likes to rearrange as much furniture as possible on a monthly basis, who knows how long I'll be happy with the name, but for now it seems perfect, if somewhat grandiose.

Our endeavor here can hardly be called a farm right now, but our plans and dreams are big and with hard work and a little divine providence, I think we can grow into the blog's name. Besides, farmkitchentable was available and kitchentable was not.

So using the term "farm" in the title is a bit of a stretch, but the kitchen table connection is solid reality! Firstly, food and family take center stage at our house, and we currently eat all our meals at a beautiful, round table that graced my paternal grandparents' house as far back as I can remember. I imagine the topics of food and family (particularly my children's antics) will take center stage of this blog. Also, we homeschool our children, and many of our messes and masterpieces are created at our kitchen table.

Another hope for this blog is that it is a way to keep in touch with friends far and wide. One of my favorite ways to spend time with friends is with good food and good conversation around the table in a cozy kitchen. This little corner of the blogosphere will hopefully provide a small dose of that connection, albeit inferior to face-to-face company.

To top it all off, I just happened, this week, to discover and fall in love with a song by Tish Hinojosa titled, "The Kitchen Table."

So here's to all the celebrations of family, friends, food and all the messes and masterpieces I hope to record and/or create here at my little Farm Kitchen Table. And may I not be paralyzed by my desire for perfect grammar and phrasing of my blog posts.



P.S. Why yes, I have edited this entry 3 times after I first published it. Wanna make somethin' of it?


  1. See, my problem is that I've had the perfect name for a blog for 3+ years ( but find myself with nothing to say.... Maybe I'll be inspired by your blog.

  2. Keely, you are so funny, and I can totally relate! First off I was as psychotic about naming my children,and had the same "problem" with chris's tolerance for my name choices. Fortunately we have chickens to name! And you bet, I'm always thinking up names for that next chicken we'll get someday,'re not so crazy after all! Let me just say that the first thing I thought upon opening your blog page was, Damn! she made a really great name, now it's taken!!!! So there! I LOVE IT! It's great, and good for you! Also, I periodically edit the tidbits on my webpage. I look a year later and think I wrote that???? ewwww! I guess that's pretty normal in journal writing, and as a blogger just take comfort in the fact that most people only have time to read the most current posts, so once you get a years worth you can let bygones be bygones, or get comfortable with the world watching your evolution . Anyway, congrats for you I'm really glad you did this-Steph

  3. If nothing else, Jon, my blog should show you that you can have a blog, and post very regularly, even when you have nothing to say :)

  4. Steph- you have a blog/website?? Send me a link! And thanks for the encouragement!